Who is IBJ Media? We’re so glad you asked.

IBJ Media is the (proud) parent company of Indiana's leading business news brands - the Indianapolis Business Journal, Inside INdiana Business, and Indiana Lawyer - as well as the IBJ Media Content Studio.


For more than 40 years, we’ve delivered trusted, award-winning journalism and engaging, thought-provoking events that matter most to you and your business.


Our print, digital and on-air journalism and events deliver a competitive advantage and unique thought-leadership that help you do your best work.


From reporters and designers to event directors and engineers, the best of business can be found within our team. Meet the team.

Indiana 250

Indiana 250 is IBJ Media’s annual list of the 250 most influential and impactful leaders in Indiana.


Our journalists and designers have been consistently recognized for their outstanding commitment to telling the stories of Indiana’s business community.


Sure, we normally write the headlines..but sometimes we also make them! Read more about IBJ Media’s latest news.