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Our mission is simple: to deliver trusted news, information and resources that inform our readers and contribute to our customers’ strategies for growth, community engagement and career advancement. 


I am consistently impressed by the seamless collaboration across all departments within our organization. Crafting a top-notch news publication demands extensive teamwork, and I am deeply grateful for the exceptional team we've built."
–Nate Feltman, CEO & Publisher, IBJ Media


How we do it

Our print, digital and on-air journalism and events provide decision-makers with a competitive advantage and the unique thought-leadership needed to succeed.

Where we're headed

With over 40 years of experience producing news stories that inform and educate Indiana’s business professionals, we believe IBJ Media has made an important impact. But we are just getting started! We are evolving to be THE best resource for all things business across the state of Indiana. While our home base is in Central Indiana, our coverage, events, and awards programs extend across all corners of the state. With programs such as Indiana 250, Engage Indiana, and new regionally focused newsletters, we are committed to being the go-to source for every professional across the great state of Indiana.

The values that guide us